Ministry recalls 'grocery-list' booklist

The Ministry of Education has recalled as booklist which required students to purchase cleaning and sanitary items, including toilet paper.

The ministry issued a statement on Friday saying that following public discussion of the concerns surrounding the request by the primary school the list was recalled.

The ministry said it was made aware of the request as early as Monday 8th July, 2019. 

"Upon learning of the request, the school was immediately asked to recall the book list and Director of School Supervision and Management, Mrs Naima Hosein issued an instruction to School Supervisors II and III on July 9th, to collect copies of all book lists of the schools under their purview, both primary and secondary, to evaluate and ensure that no items outside of books and stationery were being requested," the ministry said.

It added that the recall of the booklists happened less than one week after they would have been distributed to parents.

The minstry is advising school principals and Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) that if the school’s PTA is attempting the raise funds or to ask for assistance with any items in aid of the school, the principal must be judicious in the application of the school’s logo in branding documents. 

It said that the aforementioned case of the unfortunate ‘grocery list’ being attached to a necessary booklist is one such example.

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