Little Armani has died

Little Armani Mc Intyre, who survived drowning on August 24 while on a family outing has died.
Five-year-old Armani survived drowning in a swimming pool at a water park in Matura on August 24. The incident occurred at about 1 pm.
According to his grandmother, who spoke to the Guardian Media but did not give her name on Wednesday said he passed away while at the Sangre Grande District Hospital on Sunday shortly after 6 am.
"I am taking it on very hard, harder than his mother because when I think about everything and how it all happened, " Armani's grandmother said.
Too distraught to say more all she added is that his funeral will be held on Friday.
In a previous interview, Armani's mother Melissa Mc Intyre said that she believed that her son was fighting for his life and added that she was seeing divine signs from God that he will pull through.
She, however, noted that she was praying for God's will to be done.
The mother of two and a member of the T&T Defence Force for the past 14 years dedicated the 12th day after the incident as a day of prayer and fasting.
More than a week after her son passed away.
Mc Intyre said then that she is not blaming anyone for what happened to her son, "I am not blaming anyone because it's an accident but God knows why this has happened to me and my son will be a miracle and living testimony of God's power."
Mc Intyre said her son was an eight-month-old baby at birth and described him as a "very intelligent child who is far advanced for his age, " "At the age of one year Armani knew his colours and not just red, blue and yellow but purple and green too.
At two years could have count from one to 50. When I started him at this last school the teacher told me that Armani would take a corner in the classroom and teach other children their colours, shapes such as hexagon and counting numbers."
Reporter: Rhondor Dowlat
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