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Quality cooking with Taste

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Taste host Ian Rooks, right, with co-host Conrad Parris enjoy the delicacies. 

You know how sometimes we all feel to seduce our tastebuds with some new great tasting food that's way out of the norm category— perhaps international "see only on TV" orgasmic menus? The problem is most times we are forced to take a  rein check on having some lobster smothered in some type of sauce too difficult to pronounce because of opportunity cost. Then there is the challenge of making it yourself if you want to be more economic. Will it you prepare it right? Would it taste good?  Well, put all your fears to rest, because for the next nine weeks you will experience the pleasure of having some of T&T's most experienced chefs school you one on one on how to make some of the most delicious meals that would leave you wanting for more. No, they are not physically coming into your home, but you can always imagine they are right there with you guiding your hand as you mix, stir, chop, mince, sauté, fry or bake.

T&T welcome to TASTE, the series. If you followed Cooking with Chef Khalid Mohammed last year on CNC3, then you should know what your are in for this time around. As previously mentioned, over the next nine weeks, after viewing the series in which you will get to see the various chefs featured take you on a culinary ride, you can safely say you were given a crash course in the skill. The series is carded to air on CNC3 (producers of the show) from August 22 with the first four episodes airing on Wednesdays nightly from 8pm. TASTE will then move to Thursdays at the same time for the final five episodes. Viewers can also look out for full profiles on the chefs in the Sunday Guardian which will be published on a weekly basis.

According to Shamelia Thomas, one of the producers of the show, TASTE is a spin-off from Cooking with Khalid. She says their desire with TASTE is to provide the channel's viewership with a quality cooking programme that is also entertaining. The premiere season will focus on easy to prepare gourmet meals.

Only the best selected

When it came to finding chefs to be featured on the programme, it was not much of a task for the production team. They went straight for the best, getting a perfect blend of culinary artists who all brought their own level of expertise to the table and variation in style of cooking. Even an award winning cocktail mixologist got thrown into the mix. In a few episodes viewers will also get the opportunity to learn what's the most appropriate drink to serve with particular meals. This is afforded by Martini Makers Limited managing director, Daniyel Jones. "The chefs were selected based on their own renown. We also wanted to showcase some upcoming talent in featured chefs like  Ridge Juman and Edward Inglefield," said Thomas.

She made special mention of the T&T National Culinary Team which is captained by Raymond Joseph, also one of the featured chefs. The team lead by Joseph, recently won the Taste of the Caribbean Competition held in Miami, Florida. They were particularly allotted two episodes on the series due to the their award -winning dishes which required a bit more time to showcase than the  seven individual chefs. The members on the team include Devon Joseph, Arnold Jupiter, Junior chef Isaiah Conell and assistant chef Rajesh Goolcharan.

More in the future

CNC3 does not intend for TASTE to be a one-off thing. In fact, the production team is aiming to go into pre-production in mid September for season two of the series. Asked if the network planned on embarking on other programs like TASTE to encourage citizens to view local television more, Thomas said: "It is our greatest desire to be able to produce more quality local shows. We are looking at a spin-off from TASTE," she disclosed.

Thomas is holding her tongue on details, but did hint Carnival is right around the corner and the team would like to do something special. "If we can produce as much local programmes as possible that would be such an accomplishment, however the challenge we always face is the issue of sponsorship," says Thomas. She said local programming cost are higher than buying into a foreign programme. “We understand it is not something that would happen over night because it is not the norm, but CNC3 is not afraid of taking on that challenge —  becoming the pioneers of promoting and producing quality local programmes.”

Featured Chefs

Ian rooks
Akins Glasgow
Peter Salvary
Jason Peru
Ridge Juman
Raymond Joseph
Amit Raval
Deborah Metivet
Edward Inglefield