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Chef Peter Salvary

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Friday, September 28, 2012




He first fell in love with cooking while living in New York City, after reading Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking volume one. It was at that instant that chef Peter Salvary knew there was no other career for him. He recalls his first experience with cooking was at the age of 12. "I had assisted my mother Shirley, with the preparation of food and pastry for the family's daily meal," says Salvary. He got more practice when Christmas time came around or special occasions. To this day Salvary say his greatest pleasure is still preparing meals for his family and friends at home. On his first try in the kitchen, the former commercial pilot really went all out. Having the pressure of doing everything right especially if it was meant to impress a girl, then this meal couldn’t be ordinary. “I was preparing the meal for a special candle lit dinner for a date at my apartment in Manhattan New York,” said Salvary. To sweep the lucky lady off her feet, he made a pollo roti— roast chicken with parsley and garlic potatoes with sautéed sugar snap beans. It was a huge success, he remembers. The St James Secondary School alumnus perfected his skills in culinary arts at the New York Culinary Institute, New York. Today Salvary owns his own catering company called SoHo Catering.


Back to share his passion

Having spent his entire professional career overseas, Salvary originally from Maraval, said he only returned to Trinidad in the 90s to open business. He says apart from having his catering business with a professional kitchen, he would like to start cooking classes for non-professionals or just culinary  enthusiasts in a casual setting, where food and wine pairing can be experienced by more people, to improve the 'hands on' capabilities of home entertainment. Salvary is one of the local chefs featured on the television station CNC3's cooking series called TASTE. Describing the experience as spontaneous but professionally done, he said he was happy the network decided to create such a show as it can open many doors for all the chefs featured, as well as promote the local talent. In his episode, Salvary makes a simple appetizer which he calls one of his guilty pleasures.  So what is he a slave to? Chicken quesadillas with tomato and cucumber mint salsa. Not a much-to do, but he says it makes the perfect soft snack. "Not the kind of appetizer you would expect from a highly rated chef, but this is one of my guilty pleasures when I am entertaining, and I love entertaining."