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Season Four

"Tis the season of extravagance and food is no exception! Lavish meals are a tradition at this time of year. Last Christmas our chefs on TASTE created delightful dishes and had viewers demanding the recipes and repeats of ALL the episodes. 2013 Taste Noel will prepare you for the entire festive season! Helpful hints will let you know which products are our Chef's favorites so you too can achieve the same quality to your meals when your create the recipes for your family.

Be sure to look out for a special edition Taste Cookbook or Calender at the end of the year. 


Season Three

Healthy Eating is about eating smart. Instead of counting the calories think in terms of what comes together on your plate, think variety, color and freshness. The premium local cooking show returns, to bring to you healthy eating with Taste!

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Season Two

Right on the heels of a successful pilot, comes Taste Christmas. After an overwhelming response to our Pilot season, it was only plausible that we meet the viewers’ demand for more of Taste. This season encapsulates the spirit of Christmas as our chefs prepare mouth-watering dishes, perfect for your guests this Christmas. So get out the oven mitts and be viewing Taste on CNC3 to learn new recipes and impress your friends at your next Christmas feast.

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Season One

Taste is a premium, local cooking show that features the best local chefs and hosted by Trinidad and Tobago’s own Ian Rooks and Conrad Parris. Ian, a well acclaimed chef is assisted by the comical Conrad on set as they engage the viewers in thirty (30) salivating minutes of gourmet meals being prepared by Trinidad and Tobago’s top food connoisseurs.View any episode from our Pilot season right here.

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