Work continues on Maracas Beach facility

The Ministry of Tourism is advising the public that Phase 1 upgrade works are currently being carried out by NIDCO, on behalf of the Ministry of Works and Transport, at the Maracas Beach Facility.

It says that these works in progress include the transition to a new wastewater treatment plant located adjacent to the car park and the demolition of the old wastewater treatment plant located west of the Life Guard Building.

Traffic restrictions for Children's Carnival Parade

This weekend marks the commencement of the Children’s Carnival Parade of the Bands, and police are notifying members of the public of various traffic restrictions for the St James and Marabella districts.

These arrangements will take effect on Sunday and were made by the Commissioner of Police under Section 68(1) of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act Chap. 48:50. St. James:

These restrictions shall have effect from 12 noon to 7 pm on Sunday 24th February, 2019;

R Kelly charged with aggravated sexual assault

An indictment has been handed down against musician R. Kelly by the Cook County State's Attorney office.

State's Attorney Kim Foxx will announce charges against Kelly at a news conference at 2 pm CT (3 pm ET), according to a release from her office.

A grand jury was convened in Cook County, Illinois, earlier this month in connection with new allegations against Kelly, two sources close to the case said.

YTC absconders recaptured

Two juveniles who absconded from the Youth Training and Rehabilitation Centre in Arouca were recaptured in less than an hour.

The lads were engaging in extended recreation, playing various sports with prison officers at the centre around midday when they bolted.

Staff at the center went into alert and located the two young men close to a Ministry of Works building in the area.

They have been returned to the facility, which is a detention center for adolescents and falls under the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service. 


Exodus sends pre-action protocol letter to Pan Trinbago president

Pan Trinbago’s president Beverley Ramsey-Moore has been issued a pre-action protocol letter for unfair and unjust decision not to allow Exodus steelband to change their tune of choice for Panorama finals 2019.

The letter stated that the steelband’s captain filled out a Panorama 2019 questionnaire indicating the band, its region and category.

The song choice, however, was not yet indicated but listed as to be advised.

The song choice was later indicated to be “Rag Storm” composed by Austin “Superblue” Lyons on the Panorama 2019 questionnaire submitted on January 3rd.